At Panacea Pain Relief clinic we specialise in pharmacological treatment, minimal invasive pain procedures, pain psychology, physiotherapy or combination of two or more of these options, to treat your pain.

Get back to living your life. Resolving pain is our Passion.

As part of your comprehensive initial assessment you may require some further investigation to be performed (Radiological imaging in the form of a MRI scan and/or Blood tests) in order to formulate a treatment plan. Alternatively a procedure might be recommended and a date for treatment will be given on the day of the appointment. Medication issues are also looked at during the consultation and there maybe recommendation made for new medication or adjustment made to your current medication.

A detailed clinic letter of the consultation and recommendations from the consultation about your treatment will be sent to you and your GP or any other healthcare provider that you feel should be kept informed.

An appointment will be made once we have received your referral letter from your referring clinician, but you can refer yourself without a referral letter by getting in contact with us.

Pain Management Treatment is Affordable for Insured and Non-Insured patients.

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Non-Insured Patients

We offer competitive rates and affordable package deals for self-funding patients.

Insured Patients

Insured patients should refer directly to their insurer.

We are registered with :BUPA, AXA PP Heathcare, Aviva Health, WPA, Vitality, Cigna to mention a few.

Pain Consultation Fees

Initial Consultation : £250
Follow up Consultation : £150



Outpatients Procedures done in Clinic

The following prices are for guidance only.Contact us for an exact quote.



Non-Image Guided Pain Injections : £150
Ultrasound Guided Single Pain Injection into Muscle, Joint or Nerve : £250
Botox Injection for Muscular Spasm : £250
Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy : £350
Natural and Wellness Intravenous Therapy : £250
Lidocaine Infusions : £550
Cosmetic Botox Injections : £200
Cosmetic Dermal Fillers : £300

Daycase Pain Procedures done in the Hospital Theatre Suite

Daycase procedures are comprised of three components :

    • The Consultant Fees for carrying out the procedure under xray guidance in hospital theatre suite.


    • The Hospital Fees for your daycase procedure.


    • The Anaesthetist Fees to provide the sedation.




Please note when you undertake any treatment or consultation with us,you are responsible for the fees that results,not your insurance company.Sometimes you might find that your insurance company does not cover the whole fees,and you will be liable for the shortfall.Any appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will incur the full cost of the appointment.