How is Medicinal Cannabis taken and when should I expect to experience the effects

Medicinal cannabis can be taken in a variety of ways depending on the clinical indication. These include: • Oral – e.g. through a spray, oil drops, or capsules

Oral preparations/sprays are absorbed more slowly and take around 30-90 minutes to take effect. Peak effects occur around 2-4 hours and can last for up to 8 eight hours or more.

• Vaporization – e.g. by using a specialized medical device that heats the cannabis flowers and causes the release of cannabinoids into a vapour form, which is inhaled.

Vaporization results in rapid absorption into the body, with first effects occurring within 90 seconds, reaching a peak after 15-30 minutes, and can last 2-4 hours. This method is best used where a rapid onset of action is desired.

• Topical – patches, gels, or creams

The smoking of cannabis is strongly discouraged as this can create an abundance of toxic compounds that can cause cancer.

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